Caving Courses

If you want to spend original holidays, come to explore the underground world of Grands Causses or of northern Spain.

Certified by th French Speleological Federation

Since 2012, our structure has been certified by the French Speleological Federation for the Speleology activity, testimony of our federal commitment and the quality of the supervision that we propose.

Formation spéléo en Lozère
Bivouac spéléo à l'aven des Corneilles
Formation spéléo à l'aven des Corneilles
Spéléo verticale sur le causse
Spéléo à la Malène

Grands Causses Caving course

During this training course you will become familiar with the caving equipment: helmet, lighting, harnesses, abseil devices… But you can also discover all the techniques of Caving: walking, ramping, crawl crossing, abseiling, ascending the rope, rope progression…

Time: All year round
Groups: From 3 to 8 people
Individual : 260 €/pers
Groups (+4 pers) : 258 €/pers
Groups (+6 pers) : 256 €/pers

Stage spéléo en Espagne
Spéléo en Espagne
Concretions en Espagne
Traversée spéléo dans les Cantabriques

Caving crossing course

Located in the North of Spain, next to the city of Santander, this training course is being developed and will be addressed to people who have already practiced caving or people who wish to make great underground races.

Time: All year round
Groups : From 3 to 8 people
Individual : 195 €/pers
Groups (+4 pers) : 192 €/pers
Groups (+6 pers) : 188 €/pers

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Sécurité en activité

Useful Information

Bring shoes like trainers or hiking shoes, clothes that can get dirty, picnic and drinking water for a day out.

Equipment provided :

• Caving suits
• Helmets with flashlights
• Caving bags and containers when necessary

Insurance :

In order to perform all activities, we strongly recommend you to be covered by a Civil Liability insurance. On our side, we also subscribe a Professional Liability insurance.”.

Price includes :

– Full technical equipment
– The presence of a State Certified Monitor (4 days of caving)
– The Professional Liability insurance
The price does not include:
– The accommodation and food