• Canyon in the Tapoul Gorges

  • Caving exploration in the Duganelle cave

  • Adventure Routes in the Tarn gorges

  • Via Ferrata in the Jonte Gorges

  • Underground Bivouac in Castelbouc cave

  • Slide on the Haut-Tarn Canyon

All you have to know

We selected for you the most beautiful sites of our region.

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Village of Saint Enimie

Ne pas manquer Sainte Enimie

Classified among one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, take the time to visit the place with its little streets, its heritage or simply to admire the architecture.

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The vultures of the Jonte Gorges

Discover the site where this colony of vultures was reintroduced and also the different species, where they live and their story in Lozère.  www.vautours-lozere.com

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Bramabiau Abîme

Abîme de Bramabiau

The Happiness river runs at the heart of the Massif de l’Aigoual and the Cévennes National Park. After 4 miles in open air, it dives under the Causse of Camprieu during 0,5 mile.


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The Mont-Aigoual

Le Mont-Aigoual

A real water reserve of Cévennes, the Mont-Aigoual is also an exceptional outlook in clear weather; we can see the sea, the Alps, the Mont-Ventoux.
Paradise of the hikes, the forests and the open spaces, it’s a spectacular excursion. www.aigoual.fr

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